Mushroom and Kingklip Ceviche – Seafood with a spicy touch

South Africa has the best climate in the summer and we love to eat light meals that fill us up, tickle our taste buds, and don’t make us feel too heavy. We also have amazing seafood all around our great coastline, the perfect summer protein. We’ve combined beautiful, fresh seafood with South America’s great cooking method, ceviche. It’s a way of treating fish with citric acid, making it perfectly edible and making it a perfect salad.

You can also use salmon, tuna, yellowtail or shrimp. Select your choice of fish or seafood depending on the freshness. You’re basically just cooking the fish in acid and want the freshest, highest quality produce you can get your hands on. So call the fishmonger first, find out what’s fresh and then choose the fish to accompany. If you don’t want the dish to be too spicy, remove the seeds from the peppers. However, a spicy ceviche is a great ceviche. The rest of the ingredients like mushrooms and tomatoes make our Mushroom and Carrot Ceviche a great summer meal.

An amazing way to prepare fish and spicy flavors, our Mushroom and Cracker Ceviche is the summer meal you must share with your loved ones.

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