Red lobster celebrating Halloween and the end of National Seafood Month


National Seafood Month is almost over and Halloween is almost here. And that means we’re always on the lookout for delicious offers from our favorite restaurants. So how exactly does Red Lobster celebrate these two things? With some good deals of course!

Honestly, with National Seafood Month in full swing, of course we have red lobster in our brains. And while they have already given us two offers to celebrate the taste of seafood, they are ending the month on a high note!

October 28 ends National Seafood Month with a delicious offer. So what’s the deal? From the press email we received,

Red Lobster is offering 50% off BOGO Bowls, including Baja Shrimp Bowl, Sesame & Soy Salmon Bowl and Classic Caesar at dinner price (with Chicken, Salmon, Shrimp or No Protein), for one day only, when visiting their local red lobster, ordering takeout or contactless delivery directly through—with code LOBSTER92.

How does Red Lobster celebrate Halloween?

Of course, the National Seafood Month deal isn’t the only one Red Lobster has to offer us to end the month of October. In fact, they’re also giving us the perfect Halloween deal.

So what exactly are they doing this Halloween? They offer us free shipping on their take out orders when they are placed on Halloween (October 31st) on their website.

That’s right, they offer us free shipping! And the fact that they are also making a BOGO deal a few days earlier makes it even more exciting. That means the end of October is all about seafood offerings and we’re here for it.

So what do you think you can take to end National Seafood Month and even have a blast this Halloween? Will you take advantage of either of these offers? We want to know about Guilty Eats Nation.

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