West Coast Noodle Bowl at Lombard’s Seafood Grille


Universal Orlando Resort has really stepped up its culinary game over the past seven years. Food quality and overall value generally improved throughout the resort. From my group’s last trip to Lombard’s Seafood Grille at Universal Studios Florida, there is one big exception among the full-service options. Lombard’s is generally considered the weakest of the full-service restaurants inside Universal Orlando’s Land Park.

San Francisco Universal Studios District

On a trip in September 2021, I had dinner with a group of friends at Lombard’s.

We arrived around opening time at 11:00 am that day. Based on all the restaurant reviews I had edited about this place; I knew what I wanted to have: the West Coast Noodle Bowl.

I knew this article could be changed for any diet. You can order it with shrimp or mahi. Or you could get tofu or no protein at all.

The menu describes it as soba noodles, shiitake mushrooms, snow peas, bok choy, pickled vegetables and a hard-boiled egg.

The price varied depending on what you choose, but with shrimp or mahi it becomes the maximum price listed on the menu of $ 20 (additionally, it’s still $ 20 on the menu).

Lombard Universal Studios

I understand that food service is difficult to do and difficult to staff in the current climate. Even on that basis, our service was below par for a full-service Universal Orlando property.

Although we didn’t order starters or desserts, it was an hour and a half from when we sat down to the check payment.

If you want a quick meal to take a break from the heat of the theme park, I cannot recommend this place.

Now my noodle bowl was good but it didn’t get any better than the wok bowl at the Urban Pantry food court in Aventura.

I have the mahi. I thought the mahi flavor was good but didn’t go very well with the noodles and broth in this soup. The vegetables were good and the egg was a nice touch with this dish.

universal studios florida

For comparison, a friend of mine orders this item without protein. His dish was about half the size of mine. You may want to take this into account if you choose this entry without protein.

I thought, in comparison, that my serving size was reasonable for this price.

Photo by Jon Self. It was a friend ordered bowl with no protein included with the noodle bowl

Speaking of price, I was charged $ 21 for my $ 20 entry.

I mentioned it to the waiter and was told it was the price. Also, I discussed this with the manager later who also agreed that was the price.

I mention this because the menu always lists the $ 20 entree. Also, keep in mind that if you are dining in a group of eight, an 18% tip will be added.

It doesn’t matter if you are paying individually or all together.

Thematically, Lombard’s is a perfect fit for the San Francisco area of ​​the park. However, unless you really want seafood, that wouldn’t be my suggestion where to dine for a full service meal in the parks.

Finnegan’s is a much better choice with better fish and chips, but I’ll save that for another review.

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