10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Toronto You Must Visit

On the hunt for best seafood restaurants in toronto eat at?

I’m definitely a seafood girl, and I love everything from freshly shucked oysters to fried lobster wraps.

If you are also a seafood lover, you will definitely want to check out these great seafood restaurants in Toronto.

Here are some of the best seafood restaurants to visit in Toronto!

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Best seafood restaurants in Toronto

Buster's Sea Cove in Toronto

Buster’s Sea Cove

This beloved casual seafood spot started at St. Lawrence Market, and now they have a few locations downtown.

Their menu is made up of what’s available in season, and they have everything from fish and chips to sandwiches to tacos.

by Buster Lobster roll is definitely one of the best in Toronto!

LOCATION: Various locations

Captain's Boil Restaurant, Toronto

The Captain’s Boil

I tried boiling seafood for the first time at Captain’s Boil a while back, and it was literally amazing.

The way the menu works is you choose your take, flavor, spices, and additions, and order it by the pound.

They infuse Cajun and Asian flavors for their sauces, and their Captain’s Boil sauce is *the chef’s kiss*.

The coolest thing about eating here is that there are no plates or utensils – you eat using only your hands and you eat right off the table.

Captain's Boil Restaurant, Toronto

It gets a little messy, but that’s what bibs and gloves are for!

Their OG location was in North York, and they have since expanded to over two dozen locations across Canada and the United States.

LOCATION: Various places


If you’ve never eaten Filipino food, prepare to be surprised.

Tinuno offers a traditional Filipino Kamayan experience, where you eat family-style with your hands.

The Kamayan the feast ($40) serves two and includes a variety of different seafood, meats, vegetables, and sides.

They also have a la carte appetizers and all day breakfast!

You can find their three locations in St. James Town, near Bathurst and the 401, and near downtown Scarborough.

LOCATION: Various places

Rodney Oyster House

Rodney’s is a long-established seafood restaurant that has served Toronto for almost 40 years.

Oysters are their specialty, but they have all kinds of amazing seafood options, including cooked meals like their Adobo Shrimp and Scallop Pasta.

They source fresh oysters from across Canada and around the world!

They also now have a location in Calgary.

LOCATION: 469 King Street West, Toronto, ON

oyster boy

My oyster loving friends will definitely love Oyster Boy.

Located in the Queen West neighborhood of Toronto, they serve up oyster and seafood heaven.

Whether you’re a fan of Kusshi oysters from British Columbia or French Kiss oysters from New Brunswick, there are plenty of oyster options to choose from.

They get their fresh oysters shipped daily from small farmers on the east and west coasts of Canada!

If you don’t like fresh oysters, they have cooked oysters for you.

They also have lots of cold and hot seafood dishes including Shrimp cocktail, PEI Lobster Bisqueand Beer Fish N’ Chips.

If you fancy a seafood feast, they have a Seafood tour with whole Prince Edward Island lobster, snow crab legs, cocktail shrimp, red snapper ceviche, Atlantic oysters and various sauces!

LOCATION: 872 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

Pearl diver

Pearl Diver is a cozy seafood restaurant serving a menu of sharing dishes, seafood spins and fresh oysters.

Of their Chicken liver and oyster pâté their Grilled sardinesthey have a lot of unique dishes.

They also have daily specials every day, including seafood rounds for $65 on Tuesdays and 100 oysters for $100 on Thursdays!

LOCATION: 100 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, ON

Minami Restaurant's Upscale Sushi Lunch in Vancouver, BC


Minami is one of my favorite sushi restaurants in Toronto, and it’s actually a sister restaurant to the hugely popular Miku.

They have everything from sushi oshi (pressed sushi) to their own sushi rolls, and everything is amazing.

They also have a variety of small plates and entree options, including their Charred Octopus Wasabi Niçoise and Hamachi Poke Lettuce Wraps.

If you fancy a tasting menu, they offer a 4-course tasting menu for $125, which can be paired with wine and sake for $40.

They also have a long list of sakes, as well as their own craft cocktails!

LOCATION: 225 King Street West, Toronto, ON

The game fish and the oyster

This chic gourmet restaurant in Temperance serves seafood-based small plates and craft cocktails.

They also have seafood platters, perfect for sharing.

The bright interior of their rooftop restaurant is stunning, and they even have a gorgeous outdoor patio that offers great views of the city.

LOCATION: 10 Temperance Street Fl 5, Toronto, ON

Premier Seafood Palace

Prime Seafood Palace is one of chef Matty Matheson’s newest ventures, with a focus on high-end seafood dishes.

Savor cold seafood dishes like their Dungeness crab cocktail or hot seafood dishes like their Grilled Humbodlt Squid, Stratcciatella, White Asparagus.

Other unique dishes include their Lobster and Ricotta Dumplings and Kaviari (which comes with fries, bread, butter, chives, shallots and fresh cream).

I love the cozy and woody architecture of the restaurant, it’s super ~Instagrammable~.

You can find Prime Seafood Palace right next to Queen & Shaw!

LOCATION: 944 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

Fishman Lobster Club House Restaurant

Have you ever seen those epic lobster spins on your Instagram feed?

Fishman is one of Toronto’s most popular places for lobster tricks, and they serve all kinds of delicious Chinese seafood dishes.

You can choose between seafood dinners for large groups or order dishes a la carte.

My favorite is the set dinner where the lobster is prepared 4 different ways!

Chef David Chang of Momofuku also loves this place, and he featured it in his Netflix docu-series. Ugly Delicious.

It is actually located in Scarborough by Kennedy & Finch.

LOCATION: 4020 Finch Avenue East, Scarborough, Ontario

Best seafood restaurants in Toronto:

  1. Buster’s Sea Cove
  2. The Captain’s Boil
  3. Tinuno
  4. Rodney Oyster House
  5. oyster boy
  6. Pearl diver
  7. Minami
  8. The game fish and the oyster
  9. Premier Seafood Palace
  10. Fishman Lobster Club House Restaurant

These are some of the best seafood restaurants to visit in Toronto!

Have you been to any of these seafood restaurants in Toronto? let me know about Twitter Where instagram!

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