12 Best Grilled Shrimp Recipes To Try Before Summer Ends

Who said burgers, hot dogs, and steaks were the only things worth grilling? Even delicate proteins like shrimp can (and should) be cooked on the grill. From spicy shrimp tacos topped with pineapple to updated classics like garlicky prawns and New England-style shrimp rolls, we’ve got you covered.

Grilling adds a smoky flavor to any dish you cook, but that’s not even the best part: you can enjoy the great outdoors while you cook, even if that just means hanging out in your backyard. After all, summer isn’t over yet.

1. Spicy prawns

If you’re new to grilling prawns, this super simple dish is a great place to start: simply marinate the prawns in a sweet and spicy mixture of Sriracha, garlic, Worcestershire sauce and sugar, skewer them and grill.

2. Green gazpacho with chili and cumin prawns

Gazpacho is arguably the best thing to eat on a sweltering August night, especially when the thought of turning on the stove feels like a nightmare. Bring the soup cool and refreshing outside by pairing it with cumin-spiced shrimp fresh off the grill, which amps up this soup’s summer vibes.

3. Garlic grilled prawns

Garlic, lemon and prawns: it’s a holy trinity of flavors that never lets us down. Add a smoked char from the grill and you have a winning protein on your hands (and your plate!).

4. Shrimp Tacos Dorados, Al Pastor Style

by Rick Martinez A gentle warmthThe style grilled shrimp tacos are inspired by the al pastor style, with charred pineapple and a thick, spicy salsa.

5. Grilled prawns with mint and prosciutto

Hoping to impress your guests at your next backyard barbecue? Wrapping the prawns in mint leaves and thin slices of prosciutto before they’re grilled will do just that – while yielding a dish that’s still relatively simple to prepare.

6. Grilled prawns with garlic and lemon from J. Kenji López-Alt

Air-drying and dry-brining make all the difference in this updated version of scampi with prawns, courtesy of serious eating‘ J. Kenji López-Alt.

seven. Chimichurri Shrimp

Using a sturdy cast iron skillet on the grill means you can get smoky, charred shrimp without worrying about delicate protein sticking to the grill grates as it often does.

8. Grilled Sambal Shrimp with Peach Salsa

Pair spicy lime-infused shrimp with a salsa made from seasonal peaches, mint, and cilantro, and you’ve got a dish worthy of any summer barbecue.

9. Grilled Romesco prawns

In 20 minutes flat, you can have intensely flavorful shrimp, drizzled with tomato and hazelnut Romesco sauce on the table. Need we say more?

ten. Grilled Shrimp Papillotes with Basil, Garlic and Red Curry Butter

Wrapping prawns in a packet of aluminum foil (with butter, curry paste and garlic) and cooking them on the grill is perhaps the easiest way to get dinner salty and savory of your dreams – all you need is a loaf of good crusty bread to soak up every last drop.

11. Grilled and chilled shrimp rolls

Lobster rolls are undeniably delicious, but they don’t come cheap. Instead of lobster, use grilled shrimp for a New England-style seafood roll that won’t break the bank.

12. Candied Lemon Risotto and Spring Vegetables with Grilled Pernod Shrimps

This shrimp recipe — with its peas, asparagus and mascarpone — marries the best of spring and summer flavors. The candied lemon adds a funk touch and goes naturally with the shrimp marinated in Pernod.

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