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(Photo by David Grunfeld, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune Archives)

Try Yourself at 5 Classic New Orleans Shrimp Recipes

During Lent, many Christians avoid meat on Fridays. In southern Louisiana, that means turning to seafood as the main ingredient in breakfasts and dinners. We’ve recently rounded up six quick and easy fish recipes that work well with common white flesh fish, such as trout, drum, catfish, or tilapia. Here, we take a look at five classic New Orleans shrimp dishes. The plus: The dishes offer the opportunity to master traditional preparations at home. Most of these recipes feature a “In Judy’s Kitchen” video, in which Judy Walker offers step-by-step instructions.

In the episode of “In Judy’s Kitchen”, Nola.com | Judy Walker, then Editor-in-Chief of The Times-Picayune, teaches Nola.com SEO producer Diya Chacko how to make shrimp Creole. Video by G. Andrew Boyd.

creole shrimps

Judy Walker notes: “As with all of the staples of the old-fashioned culinary canon, there are thousands of versions of this recipe. the writer Marcelle Bienvenu and Walker.

NOLA.com | Retired Times-Picayune Food Editor Judy Walker and NOLA.com Home Page Producer Diya Chacko show us how to make New Orleans’ famous BBQ shrimp in this episode of ” In Judy’s Kitchen “. (Video by G. Andrew Boyd)

BBQ shrimps

Shrimp with head and freshly ground black pepper are essential ingredients of this dish made famous in New Orleans. This version of barbecue shrimp recipe is based on the one served at M. B’s Bistro.

Judy Walker and Diya Chacko prepare JoAnn Clevenger’s famous Fried Green Tomatoes with Shrimp Remoulade Sauce in today’s episode of “In Judy’s Kitchen”. (Video by G. Andrew Boyd)

Remoulade shrimps

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JoAnn Clevenger, owner of Upperline Restaurant, developed the recipe for Fried Green Tomato with Shrimp Remoulade. Don’t have green tomatoes? Serve it over crispy iceberg lettuce.

In this episode of “In Judy’s Kitchen”, Judy Walker teaches Diya Chacko how to make a classic Louisiana okra with seafood. (Video by G. Andrew Boyd)

fish okra

This recipe is Judy Walker’s adaptation of a Seafood Gumbo recipe from what is commonly referred to as “the NOPSI cookbook”. At one time, New Orleans Public Service Inc. (think Entergy today) was the local power company. His team of home economists developed recipes that were distributed in public transport and cookbooks.

(Jennifer Zdon, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune Archives)

Fried shrimp

The key to great fried shrimp: don’t overcook them. The shrimp should fry in about three minutes, but watch their color. When they float on the surface of the fat, quickly remove them and drain them.

Catfish Amandine (Photo by G. Andrew Boyd, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune)

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