A Cafe That’s Also An Epic Seafood Restaurant Has Just Opened Near Toronto

Ah, our two favorite things finally reunited: seafood and… coffee?

It might sound unusual, but a cafe specializing in seafood served with coffee and mocktails in the same space has just opened just outside of Toronto.

Seafood coffee with sea salt at Ajax claims to be the first “seafood cafe” in Ontario. Located at 100 Westney Rd., they had their grand opening on August 10th.

They serve up the biggest hits in seafood dishes, whether you like lobster rolls, Southern style seafood broths, fish n’ chips, dynamite shrimp, calamari or shrimp, as long as you are a fan of swimming food you will be happy as a clam here.

Their lobster rolls are actually one of their most popular items and usually sell out, often at 4pm.

One of their main specialties are boiling buckets, available in various sizes with options like shrimp, mussels, lobster or snow crab, starting at $18 for a bucket of headless shrimp with rice , potatoes and corn covered in a lemon, Cajun or butter sauce. . You can even build your own bucket of shrimp, mussels and lobster tail.

And of course, if you’re the type who likes to end a meal with a cortado, cappuccino or latte, you’re definitely in luck.

The best part is that Sea Salt Seafood Cafe is family founded, organized, owned and operated.

“A father’s love for lobster and his daughter’s obsession with coffee are the two passions that gave birth to the Sea Salt Seafood Cafe,” the website reads.

If you find yourself nurturing similar twin passions, you’ll want to head out of town for a day trip to experience this quirky new concept.

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