A Jerusalem Fish Restaurant: Excellent Fish and Reasonable Prices


It was by far the strangest critical experience I have had so far. I tried for two days to call Michmoret, a fish restaurant in Jerusalem’s Mahaneh Yehuda shuk, but the phone number listed on Facebook didn’t seem to work. I sent a Facebook message, but I did not receive a response. Finally, I just introduced myself to the restaurant. The waitress, Abigail, said she would ask the manager if I could comment. She came back and said, “Okay, but he wants you to know that he’s not trying to make a lot of money, just to offer good fish at reasonable prices. He was too busy to talk to me, she said. When I asked why it was so difficult to reach them, she replied, “He doesn’t believe in social media. must pay for his meal. I also paid for my soft drink (12 NIS). Michmoret, in the heart of Mahaneh Yehuda, is a fish restaurant with the same principle as a grilled meat restaurant. Bread and salads are all included in the price of the main course. In this case, the fish dishes vary between 75 and 85 NIS, a very reasonable price for dinner. My companion and I chose two different types of fish. I chose the sea bass and he chose the sea bream (denis in Hebrew), both filleted and grilled, and both 85 NIS. The meal started with a hot crispy loaf of bread and six homemade salads. The humus and eggplant salad were both very good as was a wheat based salad with parsley and cranberries. a small separate dish. The fish was fresh, well spiced with just salt and pepper, and the sea bass was particularly good. The thin fries, although from frozen potatoes, were good. My companion’s vegetable side dish, however, was quite lean with only a quarter of a tomato, a quarter of an onion, and a handful of green beans. The restaurant was packed and we had to ask for ketchup four times. We never had the water requested several times. Usually when a restaurant knows I’m reviewing, I get great service. In fact, this is a problem, because I always wonder if this is typical, and I always make sure to look around and check to see if other tables are receiving the same level of service. So far, all is well. But now the meal has gotten really weird. We had been seated for 45 minutes and saw that the staff were watching frequently and sending sharp looks that seemed to imply it was time to give up the table. There was a family waiting outside for a table. Another waiter came over and offered us dessert – either tiramisu or cheesecake with berry filling. Cheesecake is my favorite dessert, so I ordered one. Two minutes later he came back and said, “I’m sorry, but we can’t serve you dessert. It’s too crowded right now, ”and he looked again at our table, then at the people waiting outside.
At that point, we got the hint, paid the bill and left. Michmoret
Hatut Street 7, Mahaneh Yehuda, Jerusalem
Sunday-Thursday: 12 p.m.-midnight (Friday until 4 p.m.)
Kashrut: Rabbanut Jerusalem
The writer was the guest of the restaurant.

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