Ay, Chabela, seafood restaurant in Roosevelt Row, Phoenix

PHOENIX, AZ – Brothers Andrew and Nick Renteria running Tacos Chubasco of the Killer Whale Sex Club in downtown Phoenix are gearing up to open a new restaurant this summer called Yes, Shabela.

The new concept of the Roosevelt Row arts district will be operated by the Renteria brothers and by Sam Olguin.

Yes, Shabela plans to have Mexican-inspired cuisine (especially seafood-based (mariscos)) and it will have a “heavy cocktail” concept that will be agave-based.

“The mariscos menu we want to do… it will definitely be the first thing we come up with just to offer something different here on Roosevelt Row,” Andrew Renteria said. “So agua peppers and ceviche…hopefully we can offer the fish taco and the shrimp taco we want to make…[but] the only reason we say it’s all kind of tentative is because of space. It’s a very small kitchen, so we’re still doing research and development on what we can manage to get out of this kitchen, because we’re also planning to do the prep here for Chubasco [Tacos] as well.”


While there are a lot of details to work out and confirm for the new restaurant, Renterias revealed that before “there are heavy renovations” there will be a lot of interior decoration. The brothers told ABC15 that the interior of the building will be Dia De Los Muertos themed, colorful but weakly muted.

The centerpiece of the restaurant will be an ofrendawhich is an altar used to honor deceased loved ones.

Jose Luis Magana/AP

The installation “An Ofrenda for Dolores del Rio” by artist Amalia Mesa-Bains is shown during a press tour of the exhibition “Our America: The Latino Presence in America Art”, Thursday, October 24, 2013, at the Smithsonian’s American Art Museum in Washington. The museum exhibits works by 72 modern Latin artists, hoping to showcase talents long considered isolated and foreign. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)


According to Andrew Renteria, the restaurant’s name comes from an inside joke that involves a friend and his wife.

“My wife, her name is Isabel. So every time we went out he said Yes, Shabela…and he was mentioning a song. I had never heard of this song before…until recently when we were thinking about a name for this one,” said Renteria who added that Antonio Aguilar’s song sets the “mood” for the current restaurant.


  • The exact date of the opening of Yes, Shabela is not yet announced.
  • The Renteria brothers will share what awaits them Yes, Shabela on the Chubasco Tacos Instagram page.
  • Location: 719 E Roosevelt St. in Phoenix

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