Bill Hader’s favorite food is a seafood lover’s dream

During Bill Hader’s AMA session, an Aussie fan asked, “What’s your favorite food?” Bill replied, “I love fish tacos right now. Wahoo is in LA! The best!” (Going through Reddit). Clear and straight to the point. Wahoo’s Fish Taco, hence its name, is known for its portable tortilla indulgences that are loaded with all types of protein, including fish, shrimp, tofu, chicken, carnitas, and carne asada, as well as a variety of different Mexican and Polynesian inspired dishes. appetizers and flavored margaritas. the restaurant official website has a menu worth checking out – by Bill Hader standards, at the very least! Fish tacos are versatile, fun to eat, and offer mild flavors and textures that even many seafood skeptics can enjoy.

One Twitter The user claims to have met Bill Hader at the Wahoo’s location in Santa Monica in 2014, adding that he even “#shake hands” and that Bill is a “#verycooldude”. He couldn’t tag the celebrity without social media in his tweet (Hader didn’t join Twitter until 2019), but the run-in probably made the lucky fan’s friends and followers jealous. Whoever the one and only Bill Hader is up his sleeve, it’s safe to assume he’ll be feasting on a plate of hearty fish tacos soon after.

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