[BREAKING] High-end kosher fish restaurant is coming to Singapore by Meir Adoni: Aniba • YeahThatsKosher

Announced yesterday on Instagram by the great Israeli leader, Meir Adoni, a new high-end kosher restaurant is about to open in Singapore. Although not the first or only kosher restaurant in Singapore [more on that here]it aims to be the first high-end kosher experience in the city-state.

In collaboration with another Israeli chef Ido Zarmithe next restaurant, Anibawill be a dairy fish restaurant described on Instagram as “A new interpretation of European-style Middle Eastern cuisine, inspired by a journey along the seas and continentswhich we interpret as incorporating many fish dishes from Israeli, North African, Arabic, French and Italian cuisines. We asked Chef Adoni and he described the restaurant’s cuisine as “modern Middle Eastern cuisine with lots of Asian influences”, which makes sense given its location.

Chefs Meir and Ido have collaborated many times in the past, including on cooking classes in Israel and catering events abroad. Both chefs deliver beautiful upscale dishes using highly artisanal skills and technique.

Aniba is currently in development and plans to open in the coming months.

Aniba is located at 6 Battery Rd, #05-03, Singapore (Bank of China building).

Kosher certification for the dairy restaurant is under local Chabad supervision.

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