Clodagh McKenna: This morning’s chef shares his ‘biggest cooking tip’ – ‘quick and easy’


Finding the time to cook is just as boring as knowing what to cook. spoke to This Morning’s resident chef, Clodagh McKenna, about his brand new book and some helpful cooking tips.

From warm lentil salad with goat cheese to spring garden gnocchi and chicken katsu ramen.

Originally, Clodagh ended up with over 200 recipes and then narrowed them down to the best recipes.

She said: “This is definitely my best book so far.”

The author of eight best-selling cookbooks has revealed that the production process for “In Minutes” was “certainly the most empowering and exciting.”


It is divided into three recipe chapters of 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes. Each recipe also has “an exchange,” she says, “I was worried I didn’t have a specific ingredient.”

Clodagh revealed what makes it “really easy to cook food”.

She said: “My biggest kitchen tip is to have a really well stocked cupboard.”

And his guilty pleasure? “I love chips”. Other French fries lovers can expect a 30-minute Fish & Chips recipe with tartar sauce.

Vegans and vegetarians are not forgotten and can also look forward to some tasty recipes.

Clodagh said: “It’s important to look after everyone, so it’s a great mix of meat, fish, vegan and vegetarian.”

There’s even something gluten-free and wheat-free as she says “there are a lot of options”.

Clodagh lived for three years in Northern Italy where she developed “risottos and pastas and beautiful salads, hearty soups”.

Therefore, it is not surprising that he is asked what is the easiest and fastest meal in the book, replies Clodagh, “the Lemony Fetuccine Alfredo”.

What is Clodagh’s favorite dish? It is undoubtedly her Milanese Risotto that she says, “it looks like the sun”.

This time around, she became more interested in other culinary cultures and learned to cook Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese dishes.

Buy a signed copy of “In Minutes” with a personal message from Clodagh on her website as a very special gift for a foodie you love.

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