Crispy seafood bites to start a three-course meal

Few entrees are as delicious as biting through the crispy exterior of crispy golden fried shrimp. This starter is perfect to kick off an evening filled with incredible food and great company.

Preparing these delicious fried shrimp won’t even take 45 minutes and you’ll savor every bite as the mouth-watering flavor lingers in your palate.

Tips when making Golden Fried Shrimp

After preparing the batter for the prawns, let the batter rest for 15 minutes. The reason for letting your dough rest is to activate the baking powder for a lighter, crispier result. So even if you’re in a hurry, avoid rushing the batter’s rest period.

Remember to clean the shrimp and unscrew them. To prevent the shrimp from rolling up, cut slits on the inside of the shrimp.

When frying the prawns, place them in the hot oil in batches and let them fry until golden brown. Make sure not to overload the pan.

Prepare this starter once and you’ll have a new favorite to start a delicious evening.

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