David Beckham appears for a seafood meal at a popular Glasgow fish restaurant


David Beckham delighted fans after stopping in for a meal today at a popular Glasgow fish restaurant.

The Manchester United legend gorged himself on a range of seafood at Finnieston’s Crabshakk on Argyle Street and posed for photos with beaming guests and staff.

And the 44-year-old was clearly blown away by his meal, letting his Instagram followers know how good the food was.

Muscles, scallops, lobster, fish and chips and “perfectly” cooked squid were on the menu as the superstar kept fans in the loop of course.

He even said the mops reminded him of his grandmother.

David Beckham has let his Instagram followers know how good his lunch in Crabshakk is

Posting a photo of Beckham posing with one of the restaurant staff, Crabshakk wrote on Instagram: “We have a lot of very special customers at our doorstep, but on some Wednesdays someone particularly lovely joins us for the breakfast.

“Thanks for visiting David Beckham and have a wonderful time in Scotland!”

Delighted staff couldn’t resist snapping a photo with David Beckham

The footballer traveled to Scotland to visit his whiskey distiller Haig, Leven, Fife.

Posting on his Instagram, the global superstar said it was “great to be back in Scotland” next to a photo of himself in a white t-shirt next to barrels of whiskey.

Another photo shows Beckham at work using a hammer with the caption “All barrels”.

Haig Club is a single grain scotch that Beckham has been a part of since its launch in 2014.

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