Here’s how to make plant-based meats like vegan fish and vegan chicken at home

With the rise of veganism, more and more people are choosing to eliminate fish, beef and chicken from their diet. Although you may want to do the same, you may be suffering from cravings for meat that you have been eating for years. However, there is a solution, as there are now plant-based meats that are available. So today we’re exploring a few ways to make these herbal substitutes at home, to make cooking with them easier.

  1. Make Vegan Chicken and Vegan Fish

If you’ve been looking for a cruelty-free way to consume meals, then vegan chicken and fake fish meat is your best bet. This recipe details how you can make vegan chicken breast steaks at home. Plus, the vegan fish recipe is really cool because it includes the use of dried seaweed that mimics fish skin. Try this at home to recreate the usual fish recipes with fake meat to make more sustainable food choices.

  1. Tofu meat recipe

If you’ve tried and failed to love tofu as a substitute for cottage cheese, maybe you should try cooking it more creatively to recreate other proteins. This recipe for making vegan chicken from tofu will ensure that this seemingly mundane ingredient turns into the flavorful meat you love. Use it to prepare salads, steaks and vegetables or even special vegan meat desserts!

  1. Make Vegan Ground Beef With Just 3 Ingredients

One of the few delicacies like ground beef can be cruelty-free by using vegan substitutes. Everything you need to make faux beef is incredibly simple. You will need cauliflower, cremini mushrooms and the secret ingredient in this recipe is walnuts! The best part is that you can prep it ahead of time, so you can take it out of your fridge and have it cooking in minutes!

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