How ACNH 2.0 could improve Turkey Day


Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 2.0 could make some valuable additions to Turkey Day, which coincides with Thanksgiving and involves cooking.

November is fast approaching, which means that Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Turkey Day is also coming soon. Last year’s event was about finding ingredients to help the villagers create dishes for Turkey’s main holiday. Update 2.0 which adds a lot of new things to New Horizons, including cooking and farming. With the huge update 2.0 is going to be, there is a great opportunity to take Turkey Day to the next level.

Previous year’s Turkey Day event at Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a cute and fun way to spend a few hours. It was cool to see the villagers cooking and wearing absolutely adorable chef outfits, but the player was a fairly passive participant in the celebration itself, mostly functioning as a running errand boy to find strewn ingredients. ACNH Isle. While it was great last year, in order to make Turkey Day more fun in 2021, there needs to be some changes. Fortunately, Update 2.0 provides the means to do this.

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On November 5, players will be able to plant various crops and learn how to cook in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The Direct showed a little preview of what the process will look like and that there will be quite a few recipes to choose from. Based on what has been announced so far, players will be able to plant tomatoes, carrots, sugarcane, potatoes and wheat as well as pumpkins. Just these six ingredients combined with fish and fruit can be combined to make all kinds of things, but the wording used in the Direct suggests that New Horizons can get an even greater variety of crops that could potentially appear at an upcoming Turkey Day event. All these new Animal crossing the recipes and ingredients already have the potential to make Turkey Day even better. There might even be special Turkey Day recipes and ingredients players could learn and receive from the event that wouldn’t otherwise be available. This would be a variation of the usual formula for New Horizons’ events, which usually provide DIY recipes, but for Turkey Day, the cooking recipes just make more sense.

ACNH Turkey Day Could Be Improved

Animal Crossing New Horizons Turkey Day

The fact that cooking and farming are coming to the game just before Turkey Day suggests that players will have a more active role in the event. It may be that this year, the party is the responsibility of the player. Instead of helping find ingredients for the villagers, they might need their help creating the meal. Players could do their villagers a favor in exchange for special ingredients and even recipes. That way, the event gameplay wouldn’t be limited to the kitchen. Asking villagers to provide ingredients would also be helpful for those not so interested in farming.

Update 2.0 for Animal Crossing: New Horizons will bring more than cooking. A number of NPCs from previous titles are finally returning, much to the excitement of the community. What better way to incorporate these characters than to invite them to Turkey Day celebrations? These NPCs hardly ever leave their windows, so it would be great if everyone joined in the fun. Update 2.0 has already shown these characters to become more involved in the day-to-day activities of the island, such as Isabel stopping at the Roost for coffee and Brewster stretching out in the plaza with the island’s residents. . Turkey Day is all about getting together with friends and relatives to share a meal, and it would be a much more meaningful and enjoyable experience if everyone was included. Also, it opens up the possibility of new interactions and dialogues with many loved ones Animal crossing characters.

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Another way to better include villagers and special characters would be to make them their favorite dishes. Something so awesome Animal crossing that’s how individual his characters are. They all have their favorite hobbies and activities and even their dress styles. So it would make perfect sense if they also had a favorite dish or dish that would reflect their personality. One of the goals of the Turkey Day event could be to find out what these favorite dishes are and then prepare them. The player could even present the dish directly to the character. Because there are so many characters in New Horizons now it would simply not be possible to cook a dish for everyone, so the event could either focus on characters like Blathers and Isabel who have worked tirelessly for the island for over a year, or on new special characters to welcome them. the community.

ACNH Villagers May Visit Players’ Homes On Enhanced Turkey Day

Animal Crossing New Horizons Franklin

Another new feature added to the November 5 update New Horizons is visits from villagers. In the oldest Animal crossing titles, the villagers could stop and visit the player’s house, often unannounced. Now that these visits are coming New Horizons, they could be useful for Turkey Day. Last year the party was held in the square, but maybe this year it could take place in the player’s own New Horizons residence. Villagers could stop one by one or in groups to tour the player’s house and enjoy the food they had prepared after gathering the necessary ingredients. It could also be cute if they brought their own dishes to add to the feast like people do during the Thanksgiving holiday. Even if they don’t stay to eat in the house, the villagers could still drop by to help out in the kitchen, or maybe even drop off some ingredients.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is also expected to receive its first paid DLC called Happy home paradise. This DLC will have quite a few characters staying at a vacation resort where they can relax and enjoy a few facilities like a restaurant and cafe. While that might sound like a stretch, it would be really cool to have Turkey Day festivities on this island as well. After all, there will be a functional restaurant that could provide the perfect space and opportunity to create a huge turkey feast. Players could potentially have to coordinate meals for resort guests. That way, they would be responsible for putting together the necessary ingredients and recipes and making sure the kitchen is in working order. They should also make sure that the restaurant has enough seating for guests and enough staff to keep things going smoothly.

Although there has been no mention of Turkey Day in recent Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct, there could still be at least some changes to the event. There was quite a bit of information Direct had to cover, after all. The new features, both the free update and the paid DLC added to the game, fit in perfectly with Turkey Day and could make the day even more special and memorable and could really give that holiday feeling.

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