How to Make Pan Fried Angler Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Valley of Dreams, players can cook various recipes by collecting unique ingredients from all the different biomes. Some of these ingredients are hard to find and you will need to buy them from Goofy’s Stall in all biomes. You will also find seeds for some of the ingredients which can be planted and harvested later. Similar to ingredients, you will also need to find various fish by fishing in different locations. To prepare various meals, you need these ingredients, and it is best to store them at home for easy access.

Classified as a starter, Pan-Seared Monk Fish is a four-star recipe. You need to find four different ingredients for this meal, and they are located in the Dazzle Beach, Forgotten Lands, and Sunlit Plateau biomes. Players must first unlock these biomes with Dreamlight to find ingredients in the regions. You will need 1,000 Dreamlight to unlock Dazzle Beach, 7,000 for Sunlit Plateau, and 15,000 for Forgotten Lands. We recommend saving on Dreamlight to unlock all of these areas.

Here’s how to cook pan-fried monkfish in Disney Valley of Dreams!

What Ingredients Are Needed For Pan Friend Angler Fish Recipe In Disney Valley of Dreams?

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The Pan Fried Angler Fish is a four star recipe, which means it needs four different ingredients. Players need a piece of potato, a piece of zucchini, a piece of tomato, and an anglerfish to cook pan-fried anglerfish. The locations of all ingredients are listed below.

  • A potato:
    • Can be purchased from Goofy’s Stall in the Forgotten Lands biome for 189 Star Coins
  • A zucchini:
    • Can be purchased from Goofy’s Stall in the Sunlit Plateau biome for 78 Star Coins
    • Can also purchase Zucchini Seeds for 30 Star Coins
  • a tomato:
    • Can be purchased from Goofy’s Stall in the Dazzle Beach biome for 33 Star Coins
    • Can also buy Tomato Seeds for 8 Star Coins
  • angler fish:
    • Caught while fishing in the golden ripples of the Forgotten Lands biome

How to find angler fish in Disney Valley of Dreams

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Like several other fish, the anglerfish is a fairly rare find and native to the Forgotten Lands biomes. You will first need to unlock the Forgotten Lands biome with 15,000 Dreamlight to access the water bodies in this region. Find a body of water in this area and look for golden ripple bubbles. Monkfish can only be caught from a golden ripple in the Forgotten Lands area. Check the image above to see what these ripples look like in-game. Cast a line from your fishing rod to the golden ripple and pull five times to get the angler fish. We recommend bringing a companion who has Fishing Boost to get an extra reward.

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