Man says eating at street vendors is now ‘ridiculous’, S$4 fishball noodles only cost less than S$1 at home

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The subject of expensive meals is often discussed on social networks, especially lately against the backdrop of constantly rising food prices.

A member of the public then took it upon themselves to compare dining out versus cooking at home and listed the costs associated with both options.

“Eating at a hawker now is ridiculous to me,” a member of the Complaint Singapore Facebook page said on Saturday August 13.

He noted that he paid 4 Singapore dollars for a bowl of fishball noodles, while making it at home only cost him less than a dollar and the preparation time only took 10 minutes.

“Noodles S$0.20. Fish ball S$0.30. Minced meat S$0.20. Miscellaneous (water, pepper, shallot) S$0.10,” he wrote in the cost breakdown.

The difference was greater for Bah Kut Teh, costing him S$50 at the restaurant.

The cost to cook the dish at home was S$2.20 for the soup pack, S$9 for a pork chop for four people and S$0.50 for miscellaneous items (rice, garlic, soy sauce , water), with a total of S$11.70.

“I know peddlers have to make a living. But if you want to let them win, that’s your choice,” he said, adding that the soup recipes were easy to make.

“I only eat out for something that is difficult to prepare with the home kitchen setup, for example fried kuey tiao, fried chicken.”

With more than 330 comments to date, netizens have debated the original poster’s rationales, noting that customers often pay for the convenience of having food prepared by others, plus the operating costs of running it. of the company.

Photo: FB screenshot

Photo: FB screenshot

“I used to cook myself, and the cost price is damn cheap, but most of the time I choose to eat out or tabao because of the hassle of cleaning!” said Facebook user Scott Lee.

“I did this for three months, and at first I was enthusiastic, but little by little it’s really tiring. The hawkers therefore deserved every penny of the price quoted.

“I think that in addition to the price of the food, the opportunity cost should also be considered. The time I take to cook the BCM, I could have done something else or won the price of $4,” explained Facebook user Ray Tan./TISG

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