North American retailers and seafood suppliers on their way to finding the perfect shrimp in Ecuador

The first-ever ‘Shrimp Summit’ scheduled for July 12-13

Guayaquil, Ecuador –The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) will hold a two-day “Shrimp Summit” in Guayaquil on July 12-13, with the aim of showing leading seafood suppliers how shrimp is raised in Ecuador. . With a focus on highlighting best practices, retail businesses and seafood suppliers across North America will experience first-hand Ecuadorian producers’ commitment to meeting quality standards, the highest social and environmental standards of ASC certification, providing meticulous care at every stage of the production cycle. .

With its year-round production of prawns, Ecuador has proven to be a consistent and reliable supplier of the best prawns in the world, which has made it the leading producer and exporter of Whiteleg prawns, also known as prawns. whites of the Pacific, in the world. Its unique natural ecosystems and privileged climate make Ecuador a perfect place for shrimp farming, but human factors are key to making perfect shrimp production complete.

“Ecuadorian producers are definitely proud of their shrimp. They have demonstrated a great ability to adapt to market needs, while always prioritizing the well-being of consumers and employees, as well as the preservation of the local ecosystem” shared Pamela Nath, director of the SSP. “These people are committed to reliability, food safety, sustainability, traceability and are so determined to challenge the entire industry by proving that it is possible to produce safe and superior quality. That’s why, together with ASC, we decided that Ecuador was the perfect starting point to show a new way of eating seafood”.

The Shrimp Summit will bring more than a dozen leading retail companies and seafood suppliers to experience how ASC-certified shrimp farming and processing is done in Ecuador. There will also be a workshop between regional producers and North American companies to share their expectations for sustainable seafood sourcing.

“ASC’s collaboration with SSP is a tremendous effort to move the entire shrimp industry forward into a more viable future,” said Peter Redmond, senior manager of market development, ASC North America. “Ecuador’s ASC-certified shrimp farmers are examples of ASC standards in action. Our mission to transform aquaculture towards environmental sustainability and social responsibility is based on creating value throughout the chain, and it starts at the farm. By giving North American retailers the ability to engage directly with Ecuadorian producers and the ASC-labeled products they deliver to customers, we are opening a clear path to understanding that clean, quality shrimp raised with care and without Antibiotics offer a myriad of feasible solutions for businesses and consumers, while maintaining positive impacts on local communities and the environment.

In 2021, Ecuador produced more than 2,267 million pounds and exported approximately 1,855 million pounds, which represents almost 5,078 million dollars. Approximately 406 million pounds were exported to the United States alone, generating a 56% increase over 2020. The American consumer prefers value-added presentations of shrimp, such as headed, peeled and deveined, among others. Ecuador aims to meet this demand and for this reason many processing plants are investing to expand their shrimp offering for the US market.


The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) is a group of leading companies committed to transforming the future of shrimp aquaculture. Pioneers in Ecuador, SSP members are committed to obtaining and promoting the highest quality products, manufactured to the highest social and environmental standards, through increased collaboration and transparency.

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