Panama City native Phillips brings fresh Gulf seafood to town with new business

A Panama City native brings the luxury of fresh seafood to Owensboro with his new venture, providing the community with shrimp and more “straight from the boat.”

According to owner David Phillips, Bumbo’s Breakfast Gumbo has been in the works for two or three years, but they’ve just completed the first few weeks of opening the business. He brings a special service to the area, as he does the 16-hour trek to the Gulf Coast and returns every two weeks to pick up fresh seafood.

“My wife and I moved to Owensboro about two years ago, so now we’re trying to bring our culture to this town,” Phillips said. “Most places get seafood from the trucks so I thought it would be a great service to get down to the boat myself and get some fresh seafood.”

Phillips doesn’t yet serve hot food to the public, but customers are sure to find something they want from its wide range of menu items. Right now, shrimp is the only item he keeps stocked in his truck, but that

“When we do future trips, if there is something a customer wants like oysters, crab or any type of Gulf Coast fish, we will take personal orders and bring whatever they want” , said Phillips.

When Phillips begins serving hot food from his truck, his signature item will be breakfast gumbo, which is the dish that inspired him to embark on this entrepreneurial journey.

“One morning about three years ago I was sitting in a restaurant that was making okra breakfast down south in a place called Satsuma, Alabama, and they were selling these things left and right there. -down,” Phillips said. “It was the morning I went out, called my wife and told her I had an idea for our business.”

Since then, Phillips has spent the past few years building his own food truck to avoid debt. However, this is still under construction, so the Gulf Coast Shrimp is a “pilot company” to help Phillips complete their truck, and can be purchased from the truck or delivered to a customer’s front door. .

Until he’s ready to start serving his okra and other ready-to-eat items from his truck, Phillips offers event catering. To learn more about where the truck is parked, how to book them for catering, or how to order seafood for delivery, visit their Facebook page here.

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