Samsung expands its range of ovens with steam and air frying

It is clear that our needs are changing when it comes to kitchen appliances. Whether it’s air frying or steaming, we all use different cooking methods and we all want better results. To help this, Samsung’s latest range of ovens in the 4, 5, 6 and 7 series have introduced new cooking modes to boost healthy cooking and convenience.

We sat down with Jonathan Hartley, Director of Embedded Devices Distribution at Samsung to discuss what’s been launching.

While the new ovens have different cooking functions depending on the range, they all share one thing in common: they are all Wi-Fi connected and can communicate with the SmartThings app. For Samsung, it was obvious.

“Why shouldn’t you have this option when you buy a £500 oven?” Hartley explains, “SmartThings gives customers access to SmartThings at an entry level.”

For Samsung, SmartThings is all about convenience and ease. As Hartley explains, when you have family and you’re all out in the garden, cooking has largely required the host to come back into the kitchen to check on progress. With SmartThings, you receive a message when the cooking time is over and can even add extra cooking time without having to go anywhere.

New cooking modes

While SmartThings may underpin the smartness of the new ovens, it’s most likely the new modes that will catch the eye, with Air Fry and Steam cooking available.

“It’s new technology that customers need,” says Hartley. “Air Fry is very popular and focuses on using less oil.”

As our best air fryer list will argue, the technology is mature and we know that once people start cooking this way, they don’t want to go back. By integrating it into an oven, Samsung provides functionality that people want, but also reduces the number of appliances used.

Samsung has also added steam cooking to the entire range, with up to three cooking modes: Steam Assist (fills the oven with steam for crispy food), Natural Steam (crispy cooking) and Full Steam (surrounds food , such as vegetables and fish, with steam to cook them naturally without losing their nutritional value).

Vacuum Air

Sous vide is an incredibly popular cooking technique. Food is sealed in bags and dropped into water at a stable temperature, which cooks things like steak perfectly. This method requires specialized equipment, such as the Thermomix TM6.

Samsung’s new ovens have an Air Sous Vide mode, where the oven senses and adjusts the temperature to maintain it more accurately over a longer period of time for more tender foods.

“Sous Vide is something associated with restaurant food. People love that experience and want it in their homes,” says Hartley.

Dual Flex Cooking

Samsung’s ovens continue to use Dual Cook Flex, where the oven can be split in two, running different modes and temperatures at the same time, or just using half the oven to reduce energy consumption.

As Hartley explains, you can use air frying in the upper half of the oven, cooking conventionally in the lower half.

Reduce complexity

Of course, the addition of many new features adds a degree of complexity to the mix. Samsung has introduced new features to help you.

“We have auto cook: preset modes that let you choose the mode, air fry, and air sous vide,” says Hartley. “It gives you a step-by-step guide: that’s the weight, that’s the shelf, then continues, walks you through the process until you hit the play button.

“This mode allows any non-tech-savvy user to press play and the oven cooks to perfection.”

We’ll bring you reviews of ovens and new cooking methods when samples become available.

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