Snow Hill Hosts 1st Annual Snow Hills Seafood Festival, Huge Success


SNOW HILL, Maryland – After 10 successful years of hosting the annual Oyster Roast in Snow Hill, the chamber of commerce wanted to bring another staple to the community. “With this event so popular, why not replicate it and have a fall version and expand the menu to just be general seafood,” said Joe Laque, executive director of the area chamber of commerce. from Snow Hill.

The first annual seafood festival held on Saturday brought oyster empanadas, steamed shrimp, fish fry, raw oysters and of course beer. We are told that once people heard about the event, the tickets sold like hot cakes or seafood.

Laque says that, more importantly, it has allowed the city to showcase its businesses. “So bringing all of these out-of-town visitors into the city really gives a chance to show the progress the city is making. “

Meanwhile, the owner of a local business called Harrison Senior Living, Harrison Saunders, said: “Everyone is so relieved to have an event like this to be able to come back, to have a certain sense of normalcy after 18. months to two years of a very, very difficult period.

Saunders says the city’s tight-knit community is highlighted at events like these. He says being able to celebrate all business, seafood and some normalcy is wonderful. “I think we’ve reached a whole new level and I think it’s very obvious when you walk through town. You can see the businesses, the storefronts are filling up again. Laque adds, “It’s nice to have people come and see our windows fill up with new businesses, the old businesses still being there.” It’s just great to expose people to the Snow Hill that’s here today.

However, Saunders tells 47 ABC, this is the first year that it’s also a learning experience, and the event’s slow growth is key to moving forward. “But we don’t want to fill it up so quickly that we would lose the charm of the event itself, which we have really managed to maintain over the past 10 years,” says Harrison.

Laque also prefers the need to help each other to build each other up in the community. “They support each other and the people here love this event, they love to see new customers come out, and they love the visibility of the city and we love that we can facilitate that.”

We’re also told the town of Snow Hill is gearing up to bring the Oyster Fest back in the spring and can’t wait to make plans for the 2nd annual seafood festival next fall. They say they want to develop the two events, while highlighting all the companies.

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