Steveston Seafood House reinforces the historic village’s reputation as the best neighborhood in Metro Vancouver

There are many reasons why CBC fans voted Steveston as the best neighborhood in Metro Vancouver in 2020.

The fishing pier, cool breezes from the Fraser River, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, Garry Point Park, and a very walkable, small-town feel in a beautiful setting make this a popular spot for visitors.

But let’s not forget the restaurants in the neighborhood. Whether it be braised indian cuisine, Fine Thai cuisine Baan LaoWhere Steveston Seafood HouseSteveston can compete with the area’s top restaurants in a range of categories.

I recently visited the Steveston Seafood House (3951 Moncton St.), founded in 1977 by Rolf Jung, according to Richmond News. Located in a quaint 81-year-old building on the village’s main thoroughfare, it’s a great escape from the cloud of COVID that hangs over our lives.

The room is discreet and elegant, neither too dark nor too bright, with plenty of space between the tables. There is a subtle nautical theme, reflecting the history of the area, with cast iron pipes.

Most people probably order seafood – after all, it’s Steveston. But I opted for the succulent, juicy and very tender filet mignon ($37) with a tasty bearnaise sauce. It came with very tasty roast potatoes, asparagus, zucchini and red peppers. It followed an appetizer of Caesar salad ($10), generously sprinkled with highly addictive bacon bits.

Filet mignon is more affordable at Steveston Seafood House than at some Vancouver restaurants.
Steveston Seafood House

My table mate ordered seafood schnitzel ($30), which came with the same set of vegetables as my main course. This was after a shrimp cocktail appetizer ($16), which she thoroughly enjoyed.

The service was pleasant and efficient. And parking is free in the neighborhood for anyone who drives.

A classic revisited: the shrimp cocktail at Steveston Seafood House.
Charlie Smith

The prices at Steveston Seafood House aren’t the cheapest, but they aren’t the most expensive either. Considering the quality of the food and the friendly, welcoming atmosphere, I certainly didn’t feel ripped off.

Here is another bonus. In 2020, the current owner, Shane Dagan, decided to donate five percent of all sales at the Richmond Food Bank at a time when it was only allowed to offer take-out service. Looking back, I felt really good parting with my money there in light of what this restaurant has done for the community in a very difficult year.

Steveston Seafood House recently posted this 1984 photo to their Facebook page after it appeared in the Richmond News.
Richmond Archives


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