Sydney’s Seafood Giants Josh and Julie Niland Open Huge New Location in Waterloo


Josh and Julie Niland, the couple of chefs and restaurateurs behind Saint Peter, Fish Butchery Paddington and Charcoal Fish, have announced their intention to open a second Fish Butchery in Waterloo. The new site will be twice the size of the currently operating butcher’s shop, which specializes in gill seafood, including Niland’s revolutionary dry-aged fish. The Waterloo site, on Bourke Street, will open in mid-January 2022 and will be the fourth outpost in Niland’s growing culinary empire.

“We want to create a space where we can better exploit the opportunities of each fish. By centralizing our purchasing, storage and preparation of fish in one place, we will be able to ensure that every part of the fish is used to its maximum potential at our sites, ”the Nilands said in a statement. “Custom built dry aging cold rooms will condition the fish for Saint Peter, Charcoal Fish, Fish Butchery Paddington and Fish Butchery Waterloo and two large marble workbenches in the center of the room will provide workspace for our fish butchers bringing in visibility and drama at Fish Butchery’s often behind-the-scenes processes.

The Nilands also plan to make the new venue a place where they can educate their team of chefs on waste reduction and increased animal use. “The kitchen will become a great training ground for our staff to master their own butchering skills and help us continue our mission of ensuring that no part of the fish is wasted. We want to use our collective knowledge as a team and continue to raise the level of fish use in Australia, ”they said.

Fish Butchery Waterloo customers will be able to purchase fresh seafood & fish, a selection of fish deli meats, premium frozen products, as well as ready-to-cook meals inspired by products launched during containment including the Mr Niland at Home range: Fish Pies, Yellowfin Lasagna, Yellowfin Tuna Koftas, Yellowfin Tuna Burger Patties and more.

The new Waterloo location will also feature shelled oysters to order and a hot pie cabinet filled with quiche Lorraine with swordfish bacon, yellowfin tuna meat pies and Murray cod sausage rolls for lunch. easy on the go. Guests will dine on-site, from a menu of hot options, including Al Pastor swordfish tacos cooked on a vertical spit, tuna and chorizo ​​sandwiches, shrimp hot dogs, lunch from butcher’s shop to fish and fan favorite dishes like Fish and Chips, Double Tuna Cheeseburger, BBQ Corner Inlet Squid and Hot Smoked Kingfish Reuben Sandwich.

Learn more about Josh Niland’s vision for a zero waste food culture in our Future Shapers interview.

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