Tasty corner opens with large bowls of ramen and hot, boiled seafood


Tasty corner (4588 North Rancho Drive) opened with a remarkable menu of hot boiled seafood, Asian noodle specialties like ramen and udon, and boba tea.

Hot boiled seafood and ramen, however, steal the show at the tidy restaurant, which keeps the interior simple with colorful paper umbrellas hanging from the ceiling.

Boiled seafood mixed with flavored butter arrives on the table in a bag with a double layer of paper towel spread out to soak up the mess. Choose from shrimp, crayfish, snow crab and mussels with or without heads, in a “special savory” sauce, lemon pepper, garlic butter or Cajun sauce. Diners can also dictate the level of spices.

The restaurant’s ramen menu includes a tasty tonkotsu black garlic ramen, as well as many standards, all served in savory broths with fresh, silky noodles. If there is no doubt that the restaurant is proud of its ramen, this section of the menu is called “the perfect ramen”.

Other items on the menu include fried rice, udon, and a handful of starters including edamame and chicken wings.

The Tasty Corner location on North Rancho Drive previously housed Kau Kau Kitchen, which closed in late 2020, and the House of Aloha restaurant before that. The previous two restaurants were Hawaiian.

Tasty Corner is open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. In-place, take-out and delivery meals are all available by visiting the website.

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