The best seafood delivery services of 2021


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Unless you live near a fishing village on the coast, having access to tasty and sustainably sourced seafood is probably a huge challenge. However, online fishing and seafood businesses make it much easier to taste fresh and tasty seafood by shipping the monthly catch right to your door. Cook your favorite seafood dish with wild Alaskan salmon, omega-rich trout, and even specialty items like squid whenever you want with easy online ordering and fast delivery.

The fish you might be tempted to buy at the grocery store has probably been out of the water for weeks, but these seafood delivery companies catch, freeze, and deliver your order within days. This allows the fish to retain all of its natural flavor, which means your favorite seafood recipes will be even more delicious than ever. And while many large-scale fisheries use artificial preservatives, harvesting supply methods, and practices that damage important ecosystems in our oceans, all of the companies in this history are committed to the sustainability of seafood products. sea. Every product is fished from the wild or grown in a sustainable manner, without artificial ingredients and protects the long term seafood supply of the planet. Whether you’re craving grilled shellfish, slow roasted salmon, or a formal lobster dinner, read on to find the best delivery services that will make it easier for you to enjoy your favorite seafood dishes.

Best Overall Seafood Delivery: Sizzlefish

Unlike most frozen seafood, which can take several days to freeze and distribute, all of Sizzlefish’s fish are frozen within hours of being caught. This allows the seafood that arrives at your doorstep to retain its full flavor, tasting as good as you would expect from seafood fresh off the boat. Sizzlefish’s full menu features a wide selection of ethically sourced seafood including salmon, halibut, shrimp, lobster and more. All products are free of artificial ingredients and the majority of the fish are caught from the wild (although some are raised on eco-friendly farms or hatcheries). Sign up for a Prime or Prime Plus box of Sizzlefish and choose your own items from the menu, or try the Wild Seafood Favorites box, which sends you a selection of wild-caught or hatchery-raised seafood and shellfish each month. . Food & Wine readers can also get an exclusive discount at checkout using code FW10 for 10% off their first purchase.

Best Wild Seafood: PureFish

Feast on salmon caught in the Arctic Circle, scallops from the North Atlantic Ocean and shrimp from the Pacific coast of Mexico with sustainably harvested seafood from PureFish. All seafood in every PureFish order is wild caught or raised using environmentally friendly fishing practices, ensuring that fish populations do not become depleted and the ecosystems in which they live remain balanced. . PureFish’s high-quality seafood cuts arrive in portioned ovenproof trays so you can season your fish and put it in the oven for a quick and delicious dinner. Sign up for one of five boxes, including the Omega Box, Rainbow Box, Custom Box, or Grill Box for eight seafood platters, or try the small box to save money. space in your freezer.

To buy: PureFish subscription, starting at $ 107 a box at

Best for Lobster: LobsterAnywhere

Even if you don’t live along the coast, you can still enjoy fresh, restaurant-quality lobster with LobsterAnywhere. Seafood caught locally by this New England-based fishing wholesaler is freshly landed from Maine fishing boats, hand-picked by a team of seafood experts, and delivered to you within days. Buy live lobster, frozen lobster meat, fresh shrimp, sea scallops or specialty seafood with just a few clicks, and sign up to receive rewards for discounts on future orders. You can also try LobsterAnywhere’s chowders, bisques, and surf and turf dinners to complement your meal.

Ideal for preparing meals: cow in crowds

For quick and easy seafood meals, Crowd Cow minimizes the effort required to prepare dinner on the table by providing flavorful fish from top producers in convenient packaging. This meat and seafood delivery company offers several subscription boxes aimed at simple dinners, including protein and veg packs, fully prepared seafood, and family packs that reduce your time in the kitchen. Sign up for a seafood-only membership, which includes lobster tails, salmon, trout, scallops and shrimp, or create a custom box and fill it with any combination of meat and fish from Crowd Cow’s menu. In addition to sourcing seafood from sustainable and fair-trade fishermen, all Crowd Cow packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable, minimizing the impact of your order on the environment.

To buy: Best of Seafood box, starting at $ 87 a box on

Ideal for small portions: from the sea to the table

This family-owned seafood business takes the guesswork out of where the fish you bought were caught and how long it has been out of the water by using special tracking software. Each package includes a traceability label with information on where the seafood was caught, method of capture and expiration date, making it easy to ensure your order is fresh, ethically sourced and delicious. In addition to the full-size seafood boxes like the Salmon Lover’s Box and Sushi Maki Box, Sea to Table also offers two-serving packs that you can purchase and have delivered on a recurring basis. You can change your ship date, update the delivery frequency, and change the item in your order at any time, so there’s always the chance to try something new.

To buy: Sea to Table Seafood, from $ 13 for two servings on

Best for meat and seafood: good chop

Enjoy tasty cuts of seafood, chicken, pork and beef all in one convenient place with Good Chop. This online butcher shop offers responsibly sourced, raised meat and seafood without artificial ingredients, added hormones, antibiotics and preservatives. All of Good Chop’s seafood comes from fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, which strives to restore wild fish populations and minimize damage to local ecosystems. Create your own fully customizable subscription box by choosing your favorite proteins from options like salmon, rockfish, cod, beef, pork and chicken. In addition, delivery is always free.

To buy: Good Chop subscription, starting at $ 149 per box on

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