The Sea, The Sea fish restaurant is heading to Hackney


Located in a railroad arch in Acton Mews, the venue will also serve as the product and menu development kitchen for Executive Chef Leo Carreira and his team, who plan to open the restaurant in September.

The Sea, The Sea was launched by Alex Hunter and Carreira in 2019 and is considered one of the UK’s most innovative seafood restaurants, specializing in very fresh seafood alongside lesser-known products. such as gooseneck barnacles and velvet crabs.

It functions as a high-end fishmonger by day, transforming into a seafood bar with a terrace in the evening. Carreira’s Chelsea restaurant dry-ages much of its fish and this practice will continue at the Hackney site, with a walk-in dry-aging room.

While the company offers a full line of species for in-store and online retail, its wholesale offering will be more specialized, focusing on angled fish, live shellfish and sub-products. estimated such as garfish and algae.

Having established direct links with fishermen in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset, the company will buy boats directly, collected in their own vans and driven straight to the Hackney facility to be processed and sent to restaurants that evening.

In addition to fish and shellfish, the team will also produce a range of broths, sauces and garums with Carreira’s “signature creative style” for sale to commerce and consumers.

“When we lost our restaurant revenue during the lockdown, we saw it as an opportunity to train our team and grow our retail business for which there was huge demand,” said Hunter.

“As a result, the team is stronger, we have a more complete organization and our revenues have increased exponentially. With our Hackney location, we can put that experience to good use in product development, specialty wholesaling, and expand our online retail services to become a true London-wide brand ”.

More details on the catering side of the new business are expected soon, but Carreira is planning a menu that is an evolution of the direction set at Pavilion Rd but with more resources to be “bold and progressive”.

Carreira, of Portuguese descent, ran Londrino at London Bridge from 2017-19 and cooked with Nuno Mendes in Viajante and James Lowe in Lyles. Before arriving in London, he worked for three years at Mugaritz in Spain, a regular on the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world.

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