The superb New York seafood restaurant that Ina Garten absolutely adores

If you can’t travel to New York to experience the impressive seafood restaurant that is The Fulton, you can still have a dreamy time by the sea via its instagram page. You can almost taste the freshness of delicious seafood while sitting on ice-filled pedestals and admiring city views through floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the famous Brooklyn Bridge. As you scroll, host Ina Garten’s dinner party with her ever-popular partner, Jeffrey, and check out The Fulton with them, via Garden’s Instagram.

Garten snapped some photos while having dinner with his “favorite dinner” at the Fulton. The celebrity chef chose to dine on the saffron seafood rice, which she found delicious. The famous couple sat waterside on the patio as the lights of the Brooklyn Bridge and New York shimmered on the water, calling the dining experience heavenly.

Garten supporters chimed in agreeing that they too loved The Fulton as well as the relationship between The Barefoot Contessa and her husband. One person thanked her for reminding her followers how to love life.

Fulton’s enchanting ambience and exquisite seafood give guests much to love.

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