Up to 70% off Jurong East warehouse selling S $ 1 meat, seafood and abalone from January 14-31, 2022

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If you’re looking to make the most of the dollar and feast on this holiday season, check out Far Ocean’s annual Chinese New Year Warehouse Sale.

From January 14 to 31, 2022, there will be discounts of up to 70%.

Discounted items include steamboat and barbecue ingredients, Chinese New Year snacks, drinks, and abalone for S $ 1.

The 10 best offers

Their title for this year is none other than the Large frozen thawed abalone half shell (35g to 45g) (UP S $ 2.90) suitable 1 USD each.

Image of distant ocean.

Additionally, Far Ocean is offering the following promotions on their Top 10 Items which are exclusively available at the Warehouse, in conjunction with the Warehouse Club of NTUC FairPrice:

1. Eight and 10 Canned Abalone Brine Sauce (66% reduction)

  • Regular price: S $ 28
  • Promotional price: $ 9.50
  • Receive a free can of abalone sauce with the purchase of three cans of abalone in brine

Photo by Karen Lui.

Abalone sauce offered with the purchase of three boxes of abalone in brine. Photo of the distant ocean.

2. Canned braised abalone (four pieces) (66% reduction)

  • Regular price: S $ 28
  • Promotional price: $ 9.50

Photo by Karen Lui.

3. Sukiyaki pork belly 300g (54.6% discount)

  • Regular price: S $ 13
  • Promotional price: $ 5.90

Photo by Karen Lui.

4. Pork belly Kurobuta Shabu (200g) (53.3% reduction)

  • Regular Price: USD 15
  • Promotional price: $ 7

Photo by Karen Lui.

5. Japanese scallops (1kg) (50% reduction)

  • Regular price: S $ 44
  • Promotional price: $ 22

Photo by Karen Lui.

6. Chilean sea bass steak (5oog) (49% discount)

  • Regular price: $ 55
  • Promotional price: 28 $

Photo by Karen Lui.

Seven. Chilean Sea Bass Fillet (1kg) (37.5% reduction)

  • Regular price: S $ 88
  • Promotional price: $ 55

Photo by Karen Lui.

8. USA Prime Short Rib Shabu (200g) (46.7% reduction)

  • Regular price: S $ 30
  • Promotional price: 16 $

Photo by Karen Lui.

9. Ang Kar Shrimps (1kg) (34.3% reduction)

  • Regular price: S $ 35
  • Promotional price: 23 $
  • Ideal for steamboats due to the shrimp’s thinner shell and sweeter taste

Although the two boxes have the same weight and the same price, the green box contains less shrimp but larger than the red box. The red box has smaller but more shrimp. Photo by Karen Lui.

Ten. Salmon Fillet (Five Pieces) (24% reduction)

  • Regular price: $ 50
  • Promotional price: $ 38

Other offers and bestsellers

  • Shrimp paste (one for S $ 5, two for S $ 8)

Photo by Karen Lui.

  • Assorted seafood balls (three for S $ 10)

Photo by Karen Lui.

  • Assortment of frozen meatballs like Xiao Long Bao and chives and pork meatballs (S $ 11 to $ 13 for 1kg)

Photo by Karen Lui.

  • Osaki brand Japanese pollock (S $ 14.90)

Photo by Karen Lui.

Free entry

Main entrance. Photo by Karen Lui.

Entrance to the warehouse sale is free for all and without an appointment.

However, access to the weekday sale is limited to members of the FairPrice’s Warehouse Club and Far Ocean.

Non-members can register for a free Warehouse Club membership at the kiosk near the entrance during the warehouse sale period (Jan 14-31, 2022).

Warehouse Club membership fees typically range from S $ 30 to S $ 50 for two years.

According to Far Ocean, the capacity limit for the warehouse sale will be capped at 340 at any time.

Customers are required to register with SafeEntry and take their temperature before entering the premises. They will be allowed to enter in batches.

Staff will be stationed at the entrance and exit to monitor the number of people in the warehouse.

The first section of the warehouse sale includes alcohol, canned abalone, and a premium meat section. Photo by Karen Lui.

Customers should maintain a safe distance of one meter with the clear markings shown on the floor providing guidance.

What you see when you enter the second section. Photo by Karen Lui.

If you turn right you’ll see the two rows of freezers (starting with the S $ 1 abalone that didn’t arrive when we visited), more booze, and the cashiers.

Photo by Karen Lui.

Photo by Karen Lui.

Homemade sausages, hams and marinated meats from the Boucherie Suisse are also available. Photo by Karen Lui.

Some of the festive snacks for sale. Photo by Karen Lui.

In the event of a dispute with your purchases, go to the Customer Service counter to the left of the checkouts.

Otherwise, head to the exit through the door at the end of the passage to the right of the Customer Service counter.

To exit, head to the door at the end of the passage next to the customer service counter (photo on the left) before turning right to go through the second door (photo on the right) which will lead you outside the building. Photos by Karen Lui.

Those who drive can take advantage of the free on-site parking, which has around 80 parking lots.

Parking space outside the building that extends to the wharf. Photo by Karen Lui.

If you can’t make it to the warehouse sale, you can also check out the deals online on their online supermarket website.

Appearance of guests by local celebrities

Shoppers might spot a few familiar faces when shopping at the warehouse sale between 10 a.m. and after lunch on January 15-16, 2022.

Local celebrities, namely Li Nanxing, Vivian Lai, Julie Tan, Shane Pow, Constance Song, Kok Wei Le, Luo Kemin and Aarah Wong, are said to be walking around doing their own shopping.

In addition to shopping, Li will be present on both days to present some products as well.

Image of distant ocean.

CNY Warehouse Sale in Far Ocean

Main entrance. Photo by Karen Lui.

Address: 15 Fishery Port Rd, Singapore 619735 (nearest MRT station is Lakeside)

Dates and times:

  • Jan. 14 to 30, 2022, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • January 31 (Chinese New Year), 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Admission: To free

  • Monday to Friday are for members only (membership is free)
  • Saturday and Sunday: Open to the public

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