Visit Bistro Verde in Aberdeen for exceptional seafood


I’m ashamed to say it’s been far, far too long since I last visited Bistro Verde.

There’s no particular reason, although living with my boyfriend who isn’t the biggest fan of seafood may be a key factor we don’t seem to be visiting as often as I would like.

So when I was hosting a party with one of my foodie girlfriends, I knew now was the time for me to act.

I had texted him a few days earlier to meet me there on Friday at 6:30 p.m.

She spared me the walk into town and picked me up in her cab, and I was relieved to know that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t make the way to The Green’s place in the city. Aberdeen city center for so long either. .

Exterior of Bistro Verde.

Now the Bistro Verde that I know is white, green and red facades and walls with a simple bistro-style interior.

What we got into was something very, very different. It had bright colors, neon lighting and a very unique wallpaper with dogs on it and lots of knickknacks and artwork.

It was Alice in Wonderland, but a little crazier. But, it was subtle. Or as subtle as fluorescent purple bulbs and a “naughty wedge” could be.

Modernized interior.

Hilariously, while being shown our table, we found ourselves sitting right there.

On the wall was the promotions board, something that stuck with the old Bistro Verde before the makeover.

We scanned the specials and cocktail of the week and tackled the rest of the offer on our printed menu.

We spied on the pear margaritas (£ 7.95) so these were two of them to launch at night.

Pear Marguerite.

The food

When our drinks finally arrived, we were ready to place our order. Or Nikki was, because I was still humming and mulling my choices.

She opted for the oak-smoked salmon panko fishcake with a smoked paprika tartar sauce and a grilled lemon and a micro salad (£ 8). And for her main courses, she upgraded the seared Scottish scallop appetizer to a main size (£ 20). They came with a sweetcorn and chipotle mash, crispy smoked bacon, and watercress.

I knew I was craving the classic Bistro Verde hot mixed seafood platter for one with tiger prawns, king prawns, mussels, clams and crayfish in a seafood bisque (£ 20), but I really struggled with my entry.

The wallpaper of the statement and the “naughty corner”.

I had watched the Cullen Skink but thought it would be too filling. The mussels would be too similar to my main course, and I also didn’t fancy the Greek salad or oysters and the bread selection made me feel like I was cheating myself.

So I did something that I never do. I ordered the same as my date for the night.

Nikki also ordered truffle oil and Parmesan fries (£ 3) as a side to accompany her scallops for the main course.

What I liked about this menu is the transparency of the dishes without dairy or gluten, or vegan or vegetarian. While neither of us had dietary requirements, it was great to see such a range of options for all widely available.

Toast to a fun night out, the pear margaritas were deliciously refreshing. They came served with a slice of dried blood orange and a sprig of rosemary which added to the aroma while sipping on paper straw. They were easy to drink but we sipped them slowly to enjoy them with our entrees.

It took about 10 to 15 minutes for the fish cakes to arrive.

Oak-smoked salmon croquettes for an excellent starter.

Two large fried balls are served with a vibrant salad. When cut up, they were crispy and stuffed with delicious sweet but smoked salmon. I squeezed the lemon wedge over the fried casing and rimmed it. The smoked paprika tartar sauce was amazing. I frothed as much as I could with each bite and it got better as more and more disappeared from my plate.

Nikki was equally impressed and also devoured the lot.

The club of the clover.

Sipping on the last of our margaritas, we ordered a second cocktail to accompany our dishes, this time a more fruity number called The Clover Club. It contained gin, raspberry, lemon and egg white.

My mixed seafood platter was a feast for the eyes and could easily have been for two – although the option to upgrade it to a larger serving for two for an additional £ 12 is also listed on the menu.

The hot seafood platter for one was a huge portion.

It was huge. The huge tiger shrimp on top made this dish look like a seafood staple and I was even given a second dish for all the seashells I was about to dig up.

It had everything in there and all the elements were cooked to perfection. The seafood was succulent, juicy, and full of rich flavors, and the bisque was light but with an intense flavor and had a hint of tomato.

All I needed was a big piece of crusty bread on the side to dip in and I would have been the happiest person in the world.

Across the table, six beautifully uniform scallops sat on a mashed sweetcorn and chipotle and delicately had strips of the crispiest bacon. Nikki’s face said it all.

Scallops as a main course.

They had a fleshy texture, but his knife slipped through them as if they were air. The mouth-watering smoke of the mash was something she commented on several times and the crispy bacon added that salinity the dish needed.

His truffle fries were topped with grated Parmesan cheese and served to scoop up what was left of the mash.

Truffle fries.

Instead of ordering dessert, I went for a Disaronno (£ 2.45) on ice and Nikki ordered a Salted Caramel Espresso Martini with vodka, coffee and of course salted caramel.

We were pretty full by this time and wanted to be able to enjoy the rest of our evening without getting too bloated, as desirable as the desserts sounded.

We took our time to finish our drinks and settle the bill before continuing our evening at 99 Bar and Kitchen, where a few more cocktails awaited us.

The verdict

Seafood lovers will love Bistro Verde.

It’s one of Aberdeen’s hidden gems tucked away on The Green and while it looks totally unpretentious on the outside, the new wonderland that awaits you inside is certainly worth a visit. to be explored.

Not only for the curious to see what the team has done with the place, but also to discover the rich talent that can be found in the kitchen and the front of this little bistro.

These plates are some of the best I have had in a while and will definitely be back to find out more of their offer soon.


Address: Unit 1, 2 The Green, Aberdeen, AB11 6NY

Phone. : 01224 586180


Price: £ 93.80 (includes £ 8.50 10% discretionary service charge)


  • Food: 5/5
  • Service: 4/5
  • Surroundings: 4/5

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