Want to catch some fish this weekend? Here’s how.

The Minnesota walleye fishery opens on Saturday, May 14. Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON today. He says the walleye have finished spawning and are looking for food. Schmitt says for the most success, look in shallow water. He says water temperatures in the north will be in the 40 to 50 degree range with local water temperatures in the mid 50s. Schmitt says this bodes well for walleye fishing . He says channels between lakes, windswept spots and shallow sand or gravel will hold walleyes.

According to Schmitt, the most successful presentation for catching walleye this weekend would be a 1/8 ounce jig with a minnow. He says it wouldn’t go bigger than 1/8 ounce. Schmitt says most bait shops should have a good supply of minnows. He says the bait trappers have been working hard this week. Schmitt says the offer may not be as good as a typical opener, but the minnows offer is better than originally expected.

He says minnows would be the best option at this time of year, with leeches coming later in the year. Schmitt says if you can’t find minnows, the second choice would be shallow crank baits, jigs and plastics. He says a lot of presentation depends on the lake.

Schmitt has a few suggestions for keeping youngsters fishing. He says they don’t depend on catching walleye, but lots of fish like crappie and bluegill which are readily available. Schmitt says to keep it simple for the kids with a bobber, reel and put them on as many fish as possible. He says the bite of crappie and blue gills could be phenomenal.

If you want to listen to my full conversation with Outdoor News’ Glen Schmitt, it’s available below.

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